Maximum efficiency option

A Premium Consolidation Service.

KN Expert provides a premium consolidation service to combine your requirements for fast, time-defined delivery with a consolidation solution.

Key characteristics:

  • Premium consolidation service
    Relying on Cargo iQ certified carriers or, where not available, other selected partners.
  • Transit time approximately 3 to 5 days (door-to-door)
    Monitored from end to end on the basis of the shipment’s individual Cargo iQ route map, to ensure reliable delivery.
  • Direct flights used where possible
  • Maximum flexibility
    Service fulfilment regardless of size, weight or terms of delivery (door to door, door to airport, airport to airport, airport to door)
  • Specially labelled airwaybill
    For easy cargo identification in all systems
  • All Incoterms and Pick-up / Delivery ranges possible
  • All inclusive price, incl. fuel & security (Subject to out of control costs, e.g. Security screening where applicable)
  • Reliable delivery for every size and weight (aircraft specifications apply)