Simplify your shipping with our online airfreight solution. Instant quotations are just one click away.

You can save valuable time and instantly get competitive prices with highly reputable airfreight carriers.

Simply enter your shipment request - even for door-to-door shipments - and we’ll recommend three different airfreight products with transit-times and a range of binding quotes even including fuel and security surcharges.

Get a quotation today - and start reaping the benefits.


Easy comparison of service options

Immediate and clearly structured overview of all-in pricing including fuel and security surcharges, allowing you a quick and easy comparison of three available airfreight services.


Availability of estimated
transit times

Get you the estimated transit time for your shipment request. our solution will calculate the arrival date based by the planned pick-up date. Or simply tell our solution the requested delivery date and the required shipment date will be displayed for all three service options.


Using templates for recurring quotes speeds up the process

The template function enables you to save your shipment data for later use reducing your time and effort spent on recurring new requests.


Overview of all saved quotes

Listing of all saved quotes including price and remaining period of validity to help you directly and easily book your airfreight shipment.