Net Zero Carbon

Kuehne + Nagel will offer CO2-neutral transport

We promise to provide our customers with environmental friendly, sustainable and innovative supply chain solutions that will reduce our collective CO2 footprint and help stakeholders achieve their bold environmental Targets.

Ocean acidification and global warming dramatically impact our natural ecosystems and without far reaching measures life on our planet is under threat; we need courageous and swift actions from companies to change that truth. The logistics industry contributes 7% to the global emission of CO2. As an industry leader we commit to reducing our contribution to that percentage through ambitious climate protection targets, to ensure a future for the generations to come.

Net Zero Carbon is our global programme to neutralise our CO2 footprint. Key elements include:

  • Carbon management: Maintain effective carbon management throughout all operations
  • Environmental products & services: Provide environmentally sensitive products to our customers
  • Supplier environmental performance: Environmental criteria to procure and select logistics services

Our targets

With "Net Zero Carbon" we address CO2 reduction in transport and logistics services worldwide. In addition to our own CO2 neutrality, we will offer our customers solutions for reducing their supply chain’s CO2 footprint, using big data and predictive analytics, as well as new digital platforms supporting the selection of transport routes and modes that emit substantially less CO2.

Carbon neutral for own emissions as of 2020

As of 2020, we will be fully carbon neutral worldwide for all emissions in our direct sphere of influence (Scopes 1 and 2 of the greenhouse gas emissions accounting set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative - GHG Protocol). 

Carbon neutral including our suppliers’ and customers’ footprint by 2030

In Addition, we will target the emissions included in scope 3 of the GHG Protocol by addressing the CO2 footprint of our suppliers: airlines, shipping lines, and haulage companies – outlined in a roadmap for neutrality by 2030 together with our customers.

All less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments have been CO2 neutral since 2020.

Kuehne + Nagel CEO Detlef Trefzger


"We are all responsible for the environment, for our ecosystem, and above all for the people – in business and private life.
We as a company and all our colleagues act now with our Net Zero Carbon programme to fight CO2 emissions and offer sustainable and innovative supply chain solutions."


Dr. Detlef Trefzger, Chief Executive Officer
Kuehne + Nagel International AG


Our path to CO2 neutrality – visibility, reduction, offsetting

Our journey towards full carbon neutrality by 2030 has begun. Through state-of-the-art carbon calculators that work based on globally accepted calculation standards we are able to reduce carbon emission around the globe. By using our carbon emissions compensation services we neutralise the remains.

Explore our 2019 Sustainability Report and learn about our commitment towards sustainability.

Our roadmap to CO2 neutrality by 2030

Roadmap to neutrality
Visibility in logistics


Carbon Calculator

Making greener choices requires awareness of our CO2 footprint along each step of the supply chain. We have included the CCWG (Clean Cargo Working Group) methodology and emission factors in our Carbon Calculator and customer emission reports, enabling shippers to gather reliable information regarding the use of equipment and monitoring systems. This enables optimised routing, carrier and vessel selections, and reduces the carbon footprint caused by redundant inland movements.


Seaexplorer – Digital Sustainability Platform

Our online platform for sea liner services provides digitally enabled insights into the world’s largest sea logistics service network. Among other features, Seaexplorer offers full visibility on realistic and accurate CO2 and sulphur emissions across services, which supports routing and planning activities when selecting services with lowest CO2 emissions. The platform also gives shippers insights into how every vessel carrying their goods comply with the IMO 2020 regulation.

Learn more about Seaexplorer



Environmental issues are an integral part of our QSHE management system. We hold ISO 14001 environmental certification for more than 200 locations worldwide.

Our company programme in respect of reduction of own direct and indirect emissions includes for example:

  • Implementation of advanced technologies, such as solar energy and waste disposal in all new logistics centres
  • Usage of renewable energy
  • Ongoing training programmes to maintain and expand the environmental awareness of employees
  • Video conferencing increasingly replaces business trips
  • Environmental champions


Technological progress is helping to reduce emissions, but as GDP growth causes an up to 2-fold increase of global transports, emission reduction activities are outpaced by economic growth. The time to act is now. Carbon offsetting is a recognised mechanism that allows companies and individuals to counterbalance CO2 emissions of a shipment that cannot be avoided. We will lessen our footprint by investing in certified nature-based projects around the world that will offset our impact. This mechanism will be made available to our customers.

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