We have both the resources and expertise to provide a highly competitive edge in automotive logistics across the globe. The tried and trusted service we offer, gained from long experience in the sector, is designed specifically for the automotive industry.

Our domestic and global logistics network, state-of-the-art information technology and highly-qualified experts, all contribute to a spirit of innovative thinking, and to a record of highly successful implementation.

Kuehne + Nagel provides complete, multi-modal transport services, leveraging our capabilities as the world’s leading  forwarder.


The innovative solution for logistics in the automotive sector helps optimise the inbound supplier-factory flows. It adapts to fluctuations of volume and manufacturing constraints.

  • Dynamic coordination, planning and execution of your inbound supply chain processes
  • Order consolidation, intelligent transport and Cross-Docking
  • Highly efficient processes to reduce your costs and create economies of scale

We adapt our operational resources to fit the requirements of the Automotive sector. Our highly-efficient multilingual experts pilot our road and Cross-Docking resources and continuously adapt to your constraints.

  •  Dedicated team of well trained experts
  •  Preferred specialised subcontractors
  •  Automotive supply chain customised processes

We deliver economies of scale : dynamic scheduling and effective control over the transport processes allow you to optimise your inbound logistics.

We give you peace of mind :
the transparency of our processes and capacity to adapt to the fluctuations of activities guarantee you a level of service that suit to your requirements.

We save you time : you entrust your inbound logistics to industry experts with the know-how to anticipate the constraints faced by your suppliers and customers.

Integrated logistics

Rationalized global supply chains as a result of real time dynamic transportation management and visibility to solve the most complex inbound, inter-factory and distribution challenges of upstream tiers, OEMs and car manufacturers considering regional constraints.

  • Inbound to Factory
  • Aftermarket Spare Parts