Wherever you market, Kuehne + Nagel is your reliable qualified partner for the seamless transportation of temperature-sensitive perishables products like fresh food. As consumer demand for fresh products from around the world has grown, so have the opportunities for companies in the corresponding industries. But getting perishable items with limited shelf lives to costumers presents complicated challenges, requiring proven expertise and total reliability.
Our service provides highly reliable and efficent transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo to meet your specific needs, either in airfreight and seafreight transportation.

Located in SOGARIS, close to the International Market of Rungis, our 6 500 m2 warehouse is bonded and temperature controlled. Our team of experts, dedicated to that activity, accompany you with all your importations and exportations.

Air logistics

Kuehne + Nagel meets the international requirements regarding food safety.

  • 45 freight forwarder experts
  • Sanitary agreement CE 94-065-148
  • Export agreement - Japan 2016
  • Foodstuff regulations: H.A.C.C.P method
  • Civil aviation certification- DGAC

Customers can rely on Kuehne + Nagel, one of the world's leading air logistics forwarders, to provide the highest services level. We are a globally certified Cargo iQ logistics provider. Every shipment is electronically planned and proactively monitored from door to door, providing you with industry-leading delivery reliability.

KN FreshChain offers you :

  • Isotherm IATA equipment
  • Aircraft palletizing under temperature control
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Special packaging
  • Re-packing, labeling, bar-coding
  • Pharmaceutical handling
  • Freight safety verified by scanners

Sea logistics

Our leader position in sea freight forwarding gives you a privileged access to thermal carriers all around the world. Flexibility offered by an access at each transit and to shorter transit times, offers you a crucial competitive advantage.

We can help you respond faster to changes in price and demand, even during peak seasons and on the busiest trade lanes. In addition to full reefer loads, we provide a seamless buyers' consolidation service.

The result: competitive transit times to and from the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

We also offer:

  • Special equipment availability including; Thermo King Magnum units, AFAM+, controlled atmosphere containers and dehumidification units
  • Phyto-sanitarian clearance
  • Veterinarian inspection / clearance
  • Quality management
  • Samples management
  • Port & authority handling
  • Cold storage solutions
  • Cross-docking solutions
  • Vacuum cooling
  • In-house cargo insurance via Nacora Group
  • Customized IT solutions and shipment tracking & tracing via KN Login and Locus Traxx

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