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Back Kuehne+Nagel sustains Ecotree France

Sustainable Development Week: Kuehne+Nagel sustains Ecotree and contributes to pollination!

30% of bees disappear each year in France. Our beekeepers have an essential role: to protect them, in particular from the Asian hornets. They also make sure they have everything they need.

This year, the very low summer temperatures, that arrived right after the end of wintering, had a huge siderable impact on the life of bees. Thus, our French beekeepers had to ensure their survival by feeding them.

Kuehne+Nagel France wanted to get involved with Ecotree by financially supporting their local actions. Thanks to that, we have helped take care of 240,000 bees in the heart of Châtelain in Pays de Loire, France. 

By contributing to pollination, Kuehne+Nagel is fully committed to a responsible and sustainable approach.