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Back Less than truck load or full truck load services (LTL/FTL)

LTL / FTL solution for your regular industrial transport of dedicated milkrun, in France and in Europe.

In your charter office, a dedicated specialist manages your whole supply chain

  • Organization of dedicated and inter companies shuttles 
  • Management of complex and multi customers flows 
  • Supply of specific equipment
  • Management of information flow and activity monitoring : KPI, IOD, PO

  • 200 dispatchers in 56 charter offices in France 
  • Specialists per country for international import & export 
  • Own fleet for your dedicated shuttles or, referenced subcontractors able to adapt to your activity's variations. 
  • With KN EuroDirect, you get increased peace of mind by entrusting our experts with your transport flows. You make your supply chain more professional whilst simultaneously keeping control in complete transparency
  • With KN EuroDirect, you gain in safety, our dispatchers organize dedicated shuttles, without offload
  • With KN EuroDirect, you become more efficient, our dispatchers find solutions all over the country, all year long 
  • With KN EuroDirect, you benefit from the flexibility of bespoke. Our dispatchers planified and optimized the shuttles according to your own schedules, to the type of vehicle, ... 

With KN EuroDirect, you benefit from a transparent IT system to track your transport flows from end to end. This control tool operates in our chartering services : 

  • Management of supplier EDI, transport orders, customers
  • Track and Trace, POD
  • Performance dashboards and quality indicators