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Back Sea-Air product – speed of air freight with the economy of sea freight

Reduce costs, save time and minimise the carbon footprint of your shipments by combining the best features of air and sea.

Are you looking for ways to optimize your long-haul shipments for both speed and cost? Do delivery delays impact the promises you’ve made to your customers? Would you like to choose a logistics solution that actively reduces carbon emissions?

  • Up to 50% faster than classic seafreight
  • Up to 80% cheaper than classic airfreight
  • Up to 45% greener than direct airfreight

Sea-Air solution is the ideal way to combine the time-to-market benefits of airfreight with the cost-savings of seafreight. Our 30+ years of experience in the industry ensures affordable, fast and reliable transportation for your business. We have seamlessly synchronized these two modes of transportation and use predictive analytics in the planning and execution of shipments to ensure that your promises are kept and deadlines respected. 
We also reserve sea and air equipment and locations for Sea-Air solution to ensure their availability when you need them. Goods are loaded and unloaded ahead of all others through priority handling to ensure that competitive lead times are respected. Thanks to Kuehne+Nagel's extensive worldwide network, numerous Sea-Air lines are available to move your goods even faster.
Sea-Air solution allows a reduction of up to 50% of CO2 emissions thanks to a clever combination of sea and air transport modes. You benefit from the delivery speed of airfreight while enjoying the low carbon emissions of seafreight. Thanks to Sea-Air solution, your ecological objectives are reached with a drastically reduced carbon footprint.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from seafreight's priority connection, immediate unloading, optimal stowage and other exclusive advantages.

  • Coordinate seafreight arrivals with dedicated air cargo capacities so your goods always arrive on time.

  • Stay informed about the location of your shipments with our proactive tracking and monitoring system to respond to schedule changes.

  • Meet your business and environmental goals by actively reducing carbon emissions

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