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Back Fedrus: customized multi-brand industrial logistics

Setting up a multi-brand industrial logistics system requires a great deal of expertise to master all the challenges that arise from such a project. In order to obtain a tailor-made logistics solution corresponding to its needs, the Fedrus International group called on the experts at Kuehne+Nagel for their know-how and their 50 years of experience in the field.


Fedrus International Group


Production, sale and distribution of materials and services for roofs and facades


Opening of a new logistics site in Lambres-lez-Douai

  • 50 people hired by Kuehne+Nagel for the start-up (of which 80% on permanent contracts) 
  • Preserve the specificities of each brand within the Fedrus group 
  • Customized design of a logistics platform adapted to a wide variety of products of all sizes  

The Fedrus International Group, of Belgian origin, is specialized in the production, sale and distribution of materials and services for roofing and facades. This multi-brand company includes VM Building Solutions, which is present in 22 countries, Apok, which is located in northern France and Belgium, and Laude, which is located in southern France. The Fedrus International group has asked Kuehne+Nagel to support the opening of a new 37,000 m² logistics site in Lambres-lez-Douai (Hauts-de-France) to serve its customers in Western Europe. 

Management of a multi-brand logistics platform

The multi-brand dimension of the Fedrus International group represents one of the main challenges of this logistics platform project. The objective, for each of these brands, is to maintain its own customer system to receive each order. In this context, Kuehne+Nagel plays a central role as coordinator. The objective is not only to manage the transport and the consolidation of stocks while respecting the transport plan established by the customer, but also to ensure the traceability of the goods of several distinct entities. 

"We wanted to consolidate our logistics operations into a single platform to improve the customer experience. Kuehne+Nagel's expertise allows us to maintain the specificities of each brand while providing all of them with an optimized and learning logistics tool. Recognized in the industrial sector, Kuehne+Nagel is the ideal logistics partner to meet this challenge."

Thomas Latapie, Group Supply Chain Director at Fedrus

Development of a tailor-made industrial logistics

Another major challenge is that the logistics platform hosting the Fedrus International group in Lambres-lez-Douai handles a very wide variety of products. From ironmongery to large gauges, materials of all sizes, weights and shapes coexist in the same warehouse. Kuehne+Nagel's expertise is once again required to manage this diversity of products, which requires great operational flexibility. To adapt to all these specificities, Kuehne+Nagel hired 50 employees from the start of the activity, 80% of them on permanent contracts. Thus, the site's expertise in industrial logistics is guaranteed to last, enabling the teams in place to support a gradual increase in activity, according to the needs of the Fedrus International group.